Row For shoes, made on the hand sewn principle, are unsurpassed for comfort, durability and lasting beauty.

Our shoes are all in leather but for some particular reinforcements etc.
The skin for uppers comes from Peabody English calves and is famous for the beauty of its colours.
The Goodyear welted method of shoe construction we use, is renowned ad the soundest method yet devised.
The welt is sewn to the welt. They are not glued together. Our models are based on long experience and studies of the conformation of the foot. In a short time you shall be able to appreciate the comfort of Row For shoes.
Wear them for one day and you notice that they make a great deal of difference.

english quality shoes, Milano, Lombardia
N.B. If you wear Row For shoes in the rain you should dry them up far from any heat source. If you do not wear shoes for a long time, to avoid any damage you should place lasts in them.